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Common laptop problems and Solving Methods

Why my Laptop Processing Slow?

Nowadays a laptop is an essential part of our job, so much of the work can be done in our home with our laptops. But, when your laptop can't seem to work as you expect, then things get worse. To help you, I collected some details about these issues and how to solve those issues.

Reasons For Your Laptop Processing Slowly and How to Fix it ?

More Programms Running in the Background :

In today's world, you can do many things on your laptop. But your laptop memory and processing speed will not allow you to do multiple tasks on your laptops at the same time. Many applications and browsers store a large amount of cache data in your laptop, that's make your laptop slow. How many programs you can run without any issues is depends on the laptop capacity.

How to fix it:

Shut the program when you are not using them. Empty cache regularly. Never works with more tabs on your browser. If, needed use bookmark. Delete the unwanted applications on your laptop.

Not Enough Space in Hard Disk :

When your laptop hard disk with inadequate space, it will make your laptop to process slowly. Applications and browsers take a large amount of space in your hard disks and other local files also occupy your hard disks space.

How to fix it :

To fix this issue, you have to remove unwanted applications and junk files on your laptop hard disks. Empty cache regularly, because a large amount of space in your hard disk is taken by these files.

Laptop infected by virus :

A virus on your laptop also causes your laptop processing sluggish. The virus on your laptop is from many sources like browsers, applications, and external disks. When your laptop attacked by the virus, you need to take steps immediately to remove them. If, not it will damage your laptop entirely.

How to fix it :

Use high-security anti-virus software to protect your files from viruses. Always scan for any viruses on external disks when connecting to your laptop. Online security is a complicated one, hackers always find a way ahead of us. For more information on security contact CMIT Solutions.

In Today's life, a laptop plays a significant role in our business and our private life. So, it needs to be handled very carefully. For any information on laptops or need technical persons who have good knowledge of laptops, contact us. For laptop processing issues and other issues regards laptop, Contact our Laptop Service Center in Chennai.

Laptop Overheating Issues

One of the most common laptop issues faced by all the persons using the laptop is Overheating Issue. It makes more discomfort to the users. Laptop overheating is not a simple issue, it causes more trouble than you might think. If you are not taking any measures to solve this issue, it will create more damage to all the internal components of your laptop.

Dust on your Laptop Fan and Vents

The Laptop fan operates an important role to stop your laptop from overheating. The dust on your laptop fan and vents makes the process hard to dissipate the heat from your internal components. If your laptop fan sound appears abnormal, it may be because of this issue.

How to fix it :

The dust on your laptop fan obstructs the laptop fan from operating accurately. To resolve this problem, you should remove the dust on your laptop fan. By dismantling your laptop with proper tools, you can remove the dust on your laptop fan and vents. If you have any doubts or don't have tools and time to operate, it's better to consult the technician's or laptop service center help.

If your laptop still heats more after removing the dust from your laptop fan and vents, it's better to consult the technician's help.

Malfunction Of Laptop Fan

The primary reason behind the laptop Overheating issue is, it fails to dissipate the heat from internal components. While using a laptop your laptop internal components create a large amount of heat. The Laptop Fan's main purpose is to remove the heat from your laptop components. If your laptop fan won't work properly, it will make your laptop heats more.

How to fix it :

You can solve this issue by repairing your laptop fan. If it damaged severely, you will need to replace them with a new laptop fan. Otherwise, the heat will ruin your laptop's other internal components. You want to buy a Laptop Fan, Visit our laptop service center in Chennai, here you can get the good quality laptop fan in all brands at a reasonable cost. They will repair/replace the laptop fan at a minimum price within a short time.

Laptop Battery Fault

Another reason behind laptop overheating issue is the laptop battery. The laptop battery heats for many reasons. The main reasons are dust on laptop battery, defective battery, and overcharging the battery.

How to fix it :

  • Remove the battery from your laptop.
  • Clean thse dust on your laptop battery and holder
  • Allow to cool the battery to it's normal temperature before place the battery on your laptop.
  • Unplug your laptop from power source, while its not in use.
  • Avoid overcharging your laptop.

If your laptop battery still heats more and won't function properly. It needs to replaced with a new laptop battery. For all brand low cost Laptop Battery repair and replacement, Visit / Contact our Laptop Service Center in Chennai.

Why My laptop Battery charge Draining Quickly?

Do you ever wonder why your laptop battery drains quickly? Many things decrease your laptop battery lifetime. Here, I wanted to give you a clear knowledge about how laptop battery works? and how to increase your battery life?

How Laptop Battery Works?

Laptop Battery is not like any other batteries, laptop battery works different. The process of charging and discharging of the battery is controlled by the hardware built into your laptop. Like everything it does have a life span and cannot go on serving you for eternity. We have some tricks and methods to incerase your battery life.

Display Settings

Laptop screen consumes large amount of charge from laptop battery. You have to reduce the brightness of your laptop screen as much as you can while working. Silmilar to the laptop dsplay, laptop keybaord light also drain your battery, so turn off your keyboard lights when you don't need them. By practicing these changes, you can increase your laptop battery life.

Turn-Off WIFI

Like Laptop Display, WIFI also a big consumer of charge from your laptop battery, So whenever you are not using, Turn off the WIFI. This little effort creates a big change to your laptop battery life. Not only Wi-Fi, any things in your laptop that drains your battery life, should be turned off in an unwanted time for your battery sake.

Unplug All The Peripherals

While using battery power, you need to unplug all the peripherals from your laptop when you don't need them. When you transfer data from your laptop to mobile through data cable, it also transfers your laptop charge too. So, unplug your cables from your laptop. Keep doing these techniques to increase your laptop battery life.

Low Batttery

Never make your laptop shut-down because of laptop battery charge, Connect the power source before the battery drains and dead. It will ruin your laptop battery life. Never use your laptop when the laptop battery is below 20%, it's not good for laptop battery. So, always try to avoid these situations for better laptop battery life.


Overcharging is also a big mistake we do to destroy our laptop battery life. Because of our laziness or forgetness, we overcharge our laptop sometimes. It makes a big impact on laptop battery life. Never leave your laptop plug-in all the time, Unplug your power chord from your laptop when your laptop battery charge is full.

Laptop Keyboard Not Working

The laptop keyboard is an essential component of a laptop. Also, the laptop keyboard is one of the first components to pose an issue on a laptop. Sometimes your whole keyboard is not working, or if you are lucky some keypads are not operating. It could simply be because of some sort of difficulty.

Causes and Remedies

Dust on Your Laptop

In Some cases, some keypads are not working beacuse of the dust on your keyboard. You can solve this issue by cleaning your keyboard.

Faulty Keybaord Drivers

If all the keypads are not working it may be because of a keyboard driver failure. You can know this by going to your device manager settings, if yes, there is an exclamation on your laptop icon. You can solve this issue by download and install the right driver for your laptop keyboard.

Loose Connection

If the updating keyboard drivers also don’t fix the problem, then there is apparently a loose connection between the keyboard unit and the motherboard. To solve this you’ll have to dismantle the laptop. Check for the keyboard ribbon cable is connected properly. If it isn’t, simply take it to the Laptop Service Center.

In our service center, we will diagnose your laptop for free and give you information about the issue and cost to repair it. We can solve this issue at a minimum cost, if needed we will replace it with a new keyboard.

For all your Laptop Issues. Visit / Contact GBS Laptop Service Center in Chennai.

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